Saturday, 3 July 2010

Not dead, just lazy

I couldn't help but notice, when I logged onto the blog today, that I have not posted anything since the beginning of June. It may seem as if I haven't read anything at all in the last month, but anyone who's ever met me knows that I would actually have to be dead to stop reading. I've read lots, as a matter of fact. Having counted, I read 13 books, and re-read one in June, I just haven't blogged about them.

At first I was busy finishing the year at my school, and clearing out my desk and getting ready to move to a new work place in August. Then my husband and I went to Dublin on holiday, and once I fell out of the habit of blogging every book, it was so very easy to not start up again. I was very determined that I was NOT going to stop blogging just because I completed the Cannonball Challenge for this year. Hence there will be rather a lot of posts coming, with reviews of many of the books I read in June. For those of you who actually still check this blog occasionally, and possibly even follow it. Now, won't that be exciting?

My big plans for this summer are to learn to drive (have had one lesson so far - very scary - and I suspect it's going to take many lessons and rather a lot of money before I have my license), and read even more than I did last summer. I'm currently spending a lot of time watching my husband play Red Dead Redemption, which is also fun. I will also endeavour to keep blogging, a bit more regularly for the rest of the summer.

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