Saturday 7 May 2011

CBR3 Book 33: "Portrait in Death" by J.D. Robb

Publisher: Piatkus Books
Page count: 320 pages
Rating: 4 stars
Date begun: April 18th, 2011
Date finished: April 20th, 2011

A young woman is found murdered and stuffed in a dumpster. Star reporter Nadine Furst has been sent photos of the victim, and clashes with Lt. Eve Dallas when it comes to reporting on the crime. There are a number of photos of the victim, obviously taken before the crime was committed, without the girl being aware she was being stalked. There are photos of the dead girl, posed, as in a portrait, after her death. None of the victim's friends or family can help determine a motive, and then a second young victim is found, facedown in a fountain, with further pictures being sent to Nadine. Eve is determined to track down the killer before he kills again, but it's not easy finding the links between the dead, and she will have to manage without help from Roarke on this case, as he is preoccupied with other things.

While Summerset, Roarke's faithful butler (and former foster father) and Eve's household nemesis, is convalescing from a broken leg, Roarke receives some troubling news about his past. He reacts badly, trying to shut Eve out, and travels to his old hometown of Dublin to dig up the truth behind the rumours. Eve realises that her husband, despite all his outward strength and confidence, is vulnerable too, and that his dark past is as troubling to him as hers is to her.

Several of the supporting characters take more of a back seat in this one, and more is obviously revealed about Roarke's childhood in Dublin and his family life. Eve and Summerset are forced to form an alliance to get through to the man they both love, and work together to get him through a very difficult time. Another very enjoyable read in the In Death series.

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