Monday 15 August 2011

CBR3 Book 68: "Since the Surrender" by Julie Anne Long

Publisher: Avon
Page count: 384 pages
Rating: 3 stars
Date begun: August 13th, 2011
Date finished: August 14th, 2011

Captain Chase Eversea is an acclaimed war hero, but feels restless and without purpose since returning home after Waterloo. When he is sent to London to acquire a new vicar for Pennyroyal Green, his paths cross with the woman he's never been able to forget, Mrs. Rosalind March. While she was married to his commanding officer during the war, Chase and Rosalind let passion take precedence over honour and shared one searing kiss.

Now Rosalind is a widow, and her sister has gone missing after being arrested for petty theft. Rosalind turns to the most capable man she knows to get help in finding her. Chase is ashamed of his past indiscretion, but still finds Rosalind enchanting, and can't resist her pleas for assistance for long. He plans to sail to India to join the East India Company in two weeks, but offers her whatever help and protection he can in the meantime.

While Rosalind and Chase were both engaging characters, their romance just didn't interest or hold my attention in the same way as most of Long's other couples have. Add to that the fact that the plot in many ways reminded me of the far more entertaining story of Chase's younger brother Colin (The Perils of Pleasure), yet had a much less satisfying conclusion - the reveal of what has happened to Rosalind's sister just falls a bit flat for me. Still, I didn't actively dislike it or anything, and one less great book in a series of so far five books is not bad.

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