Sunday 31 October 2010

Challenge completed!

As we were going away for the weekend, it was looking as if I wasn't going to be able to achieve my goal of reading and blogging 100 books before the Second Cannonball Challenge ended. I've actually read 145 books and reread 23 book since November 1st, but I've mentioned before why I decided not to blog about all of them.

It sadly looks like there may not be another Cannonball Challenge next year, or if there is, it won't start tomorrow. They've stopped posting book reviews on Pajiba, and there is no mention of another challenge starting soon. Of course, most of the 100 participants don't appear to have even partially completed their reading assignments, or if they have, they've not been blogging a lot. We shall see, if they do another challenge, I shall participate. If they don't, I'll set my own challenge for next year.

Still, I've completed not only the 52 required books, but the 100 books set in the first Cannonball challenge, and I will try to keep going. I doubt I will number the rest of the books this year, though. I'll more likely start a new count after New Year's, to see what my tally for 2011 ends up being.

I've also got myself a new hobby that I may blog a bit about. Not being able to knit anymore, as it really aggravates the tendinitis in both my wrists, I have taken up crocheting instead. It is to quote my husband the "open g tuning of handicrafts", i.e. it looks as impressive as knitting, but is much faster to learn and way easier once you know what you're doing.

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