Monday 18 October 2010

Happy anniversary, blog!

So as of today, my blog is one year and a day old. I wrote the first post on the 17th of October last year. This also happens to be the 101st post, which is also nice.

This year's Cannonball Read is nearly over. My goal, which I really hope I will reach, is to have blogged 100 books before the end of October (which is also the number of books Pajiba asked their participants to read and blog during the first Cannonball Read. I don't know if Pajiba are doing another year of the challenge, but I think I would be up for it if they do.

I have read much more than 100 books during the year of Cannonball, but have, as mentioned before, chosen not to blog all of them, mainly as I didn't think all of the reviews would be interesting for anyone but myself to read. I am still so jealous of so many book reviewers out there, most of the blogs or review sites I follow seem to have contributors who are much better writers than I. Normally I'm very good at starting things like blog plans, journal writing, promising to keep in touch with friends regularly by e-mail etc, and then dropping them after a month or two. But this was a challenge I set myself, and have managed to keep doing for a whole year (unlike the husband, whose last blog post was in April, I think).

So happy birthday to the blog! From now on, I think the blog will be not just my book blog, I may occasionally post more personal stuff, as well as short TV or film reviews. We shall see.


  1. Happy birthday, blog!
    Og så legger jeg deg til i leselista mi i google, så jeg fortsette å følge bloggen din! Morsomt med boktips!

  2. Gøy å få nye lesere! Jeg følger din blog også. :)