Saturday 21 April 2012

And then there were five...

Woke husband up, valiantly tried not to pay attention to the South Park episode he was watching (that didn't go so well, hence the low page count). Got myself something to eat. Completed the "Turn to a page" mini-challenge on Reflections of a Bookaholic. Sighed with delighted pleasure as our intrepid heroine is kissed by the arrogant Duke who just proposed to her (that's how you know you're reading a good romance, when you sort of swoon from the first kiss).
Pages read in the last hour: 45
Pages read in total: 316
Total books read so far: 1 and a bit
Same ones as before
Music choices: Currently Natasha Bedingfield - Piece of your heart
Snacks consumed: One wedge of the super delicious torta I made last night. It's awesome, and the best part is that we have enough for several meals. 

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