Sunday 22 April 2012

Hour eleven

Didn't get that much reading done in the last hour, as I completed a more time consuming mini challenge on Noumena12 Book Blog about reading habits and e-books. Because I'm slightly obsessive about monitoring my reading, and I have my big notebook of every single book I've read and re-read since 2008,  it was fairly easy for me to check just how many books I'd read every year. But then I had to work out how many of them were e-books (increasingly more for every year) and how many were audio (hardly any). And do maths and work out percentages and oh my. Plus, I just wanted a bit of a breather from reading for a bit. Still, I'm enjoying the book, even though I'm pretty sure I've already figured out the big plot twist already.

Pages read in the last hour: 23
Pages read in total: 623
Total books read so far: 2,2ish
Still reading Cinder
Snacks consumed: None, although I suspect that will change in the next hour. 

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