Monday, 2 September 2013

Yet another reading challenge - R.I.P VIII

Last year, I discovered the R.I.P reading challenge, hosted by Stainless Steel Droppings, now in its eight year. It runs from September 1st to October 31st, and participants sign up to read a set number of books in or at least adjacent to these genres:

  • mystery
  • suspense
  • thriller
  • dark fantasy
  • gothic 
  • horror
  • supernatural 
As I also discovered last year, this isn't too huge a challenge for me, as those genres fit at least a third of everything I read, maybe more. I took part last year, and intend to do so again. Because I have a whole load of other reading challenges to complete as well, and I tend not to like things unless they demand a bit of me, I intend to go for the three main reading levels:

Read four books that fit the genre criteria.

Read two books that fit the genre criteria.

Read one book that fits the genre criteria. 
That means a total of seven books in any of these genres in the next two months. If I can make them fit with my Bingo card challenge, or my Key Word Challenge, or my Mount TBR challenge, or the Historical Fiction challenge - so much the better.

In addition, which I also set out to do last year, but failed completely (because I was having far too much fun reading), I will also try to do the TV/movie part of the challenge:

Watch television or movies that fit the criteria, and blog about them too. As the husband and I have been marathon watching Supernatural lately, and I'm now almost two seasons behind on The Vampire Diaries, I should be able to sort something out. 

Now I'm off to do the thing I enjoy almost more than the actual reading itself - making a list of potential books for the challenge!


  1. Making lists is so much fun. :)

  2. I like that you decided to make the challenge more challenging! I usually like a good challenge, but for Carl's I enjoy how relaxed they are. :)

    1. What can I say, I'm an over-achiever. :) The fact that this challenge can be easily combined with several of the other ones I'm currently doing, makes it much more fun.