Saturday 17 October 2015

#Readathon October 2015: Cover Escape Mini-challenge

Over on the Unabridged Chick's blog there is a mini-challenge that I really liked the look of - cover escape. To find a book on my shelves with a cover I'd like to escape into. The minute I read the description, I knew which book to choose. I haven't actually read the book yet, it's one of the many on my oh so comprehensive TBR list, but it has such an inviting cover, and especially now that it's getting colder and darker here in Norway - I want to go to there.

I think the picture is meant to be southern Italy somewhere. It looks warm and inviting and I'd love to visit and swim in the beautiful, blue sea.

Pages read: 61
Currently reading: Joyland by Stephen King
Books completed: 1 - Carry On by Rainbow Rowell (I only had the last 50 pages left)

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  1. This is awesome as I had this book in mind when I suggested the challenge! I so badly want to jump into that scene! Thanks for participating in my mini-challenge -- hope you're having a great readathon so far!