Saturday, 17 October 2015

#Readathon October 2015: The Ugly Cover Pitch mini challenge

Hour the sixth and I've been reading for a total of 2,6 hours, according to my awesome spreadsheet. I've found another fun mini challenge, hosted over on Shaina Reads, called The Ugly Cover pitch. Shaina asks that one pick a really good book with a really bad cover, and explain what greatness can be discovered if only the eyesore of a cover is overlooked. I knew immediately what series of books I wanted to pick, as pretty much all the covers in this great Steampunk fantasy romance series are atrocious. But it's always best to start at the beginning - here with Kiss of Steel. 

While the cover may lead the unsuspecting to assume that the book is about som sort of burlesque stripper stage magician, making her plucky way through the misty streets of London, followed around by a dandy in an anachronistically modern haircut, that's not really the case at all. They've put a cog next to the title, because it is Steampunk, after all. I had this book recommended to me both through Amazon and Goodreads, and I waited so long to pick it up. Even when I did give it a try, I wasn't expecting much.

Far from the adventures of a scantily clad Victorian Zatanna cosplayer, this is the story of a brave young gentlewoman, whose inventor father died, leaving her to care for her two younger siblings. Because I've now spent the best end of twenty minutes of this hour not reading, I'm going to cheat slightly and use my previous review to complete the pitch.

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