Monday, 4 January 2016

Monthly Key Word Challenge 2015 Wrap-Up

The monthly key word challenge was once again hosted by Bookmark to Blog and I enjoyed it as much this year as I did in 2014. My goal was to try to read at least a couple of books each month, and I've succeeded in that goal. Total read: 43

The key words for 2015 were:

January: Girl, Bird, Ever, Silence, Bad, Truth, End
Owl and the Japanese Circus - Kristi Charish
Girl, Interrupted - Susanna Kaysen

February: Key, Water, Lie, Chase, Heir, And, Once
Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and Tell - Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham
Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch
Once Upon a Rose - Laura Florand
Shadow and Bone - Leigh Bardugo

March: Kind, Face, Power, City, Blue, Night, To
Dear Mr. Knightley - Katherine Reay
Tarnished Knight - Bec McMaster
Twelfth Night - Deanna Raybourn 
Night of a Thousand Stars - Deanna Raybourn
City of Jasmine - Deanna Raybourn
Honor's Knight - Rachel Bach

April: Dream, Prince, Long, Wind, Rose, The, Rock
Four Nights with the Duke - Eloisa James
Against the Dark - Carolyn Crane
Along Came Trouble - Ruthie Knox
The Lost Hero - Rick Riordan
They Came to Baghdad - Agatha Christie
The Royal We - Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan

May: Ash, Rose, Thief, Bend, In, Far
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas - John Boyne
Into the Shadows - Carolyn Crane
The Duke and the Lady in Red - Lorraine Heath

June: My, Together, Whisper, Win, Soul, Sleep
Whispers Under Ground - Ben Aaronovitch
Heroes Are My Weakness - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

July: Sun, Unto, Energy, Fate, High, Look
Looking for Alaska - John Green
I'll Give You the Sun - Jandy Nelson

August: Fall, Boy, Glass, Heart, Lost, Now
The Heart of Betrayal - Mary E. Pearson
If I Fall - Kate Noble
Also Known As - Robin Benway
Sweet Filthy Boy - Christina Lauren

September: Colour, Touch, Life, Day, How, Sweet
A Red-Rose Chain - Seanan McGuire
White Cat - Holly Black
Red Glove - Holly Black
Black Heart - Holly Black 
My Lady Quicksilver - Bec McMaster

October: Ghost, Home, Beach, Away, Test, Number
Darlah - 172 Hours on the Moon - Johan Harstad
4:50 from Paddington - Agatha Christie
Six Impossible Things - Fiona Wood

November: Rise, Holiday, And, Little, Call, Dark
A Kiss in the Dark - Kimberly Logan
The Game and the Governess - Kate Noble

December: Space, Mirror, Over, Flower, Trap, Cold
Winning the Wallflower - Eloisa James
Wallflower Gone Wild - Maya Rodale
What a Wallflower Wants - Maya Rodale
Diary of an Accidental Wallflower - Jennifer McQuiston

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