Saturday 25 April 2015

#Readathon Spring 2015: Hour five

I'm back! And because no one talks to me on public transport, I quite possibly got more reading done in the last two hours than I would have done at home, with the husband constantly shouting through from the bedroom, reading me something he's found on the internet. It's quite distracting, is all I'm saying.

Pies collected. Also got myself some amazing macarons, and a tiny dark chocolate ganache because this book makes bad things happen to my will power. Generally, the food hall is such a dangerous place to go when you're hungry. I also had a steamed bun with slow roasted pork and hoisin, garnished with pickled onions and coriander. So tasty!

Currently reading: Still on All for You by Laura Florand
Pages read since last update: 74
Pages read in total: 156
Books completed: A bit more than half a one
Snacks consumed: Aforementioned chocolate ganache, some free cheese samples, nummy pork bun, some Coke
Mini-challenges: None, I've been out and about fetching pies

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