Saturday 25 April 2015

#Readathon Spring 2015: Hour three

Annoyingly, the husband is way too ill for me to send him off to the pie shop to get dinner. So I'm going to have to go instead. Just look at that lemon merengue pie. I need one (also, the Groupon we have runs out in less than a week, really do need to use it). Luckily, I have an e-reader, so will be able to read a lot along the way.

It will also give me a chance to buy proper French maracons, or some form of delectable fancy chocolate. This Laura Florand book has me craving gourmet chocolate in the worst way. It's also absolutely delightful, and I'm enjoying it so much.

Currently reading: All for You by Laura Florand
Pages read in the last hour: 48
Pages read in total: 34
Books completed: About a quarter of one.
Snacks consumed: Scrambled eggs with salsa, glass bottle of full fat Coke
Mini-challenges: Opening meme.

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