Sunday 18 January 2015

Reading Challenges 2015: Let Me Count the Ways

Yet another fairly straighforward and simple reading challenge, the Let Me Count the Ways Reading Challenge asks you to keep track of the number of pages you read every month, so you can keep a tally of how many pages you've read over the course of the year. Unless I've completely mis-understood, the levels are for total amount of pages read in a year, not the amount of pages you sign up for per month (if it is, I shall have to edit this post and my reading goal).

Bronze - 0-2000 pages
Silver - 2001-4000 pages
Gold - 4001-6000 pages
Platinum - 6001-8000 pages
Diamond - 8001-10000 pages
Multi-diamond - 10001+ pages

As long as the goals are for pages read over the course of a year, I can't sign up for anything but the Multi-diamond level, as I will probably have read more than 10000 pages by the end of February, if all goes according to plan. If I have misunderstood, and the levels are pages per month, I shall sign up for Silver level.

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