Saturday 17 January 2015

Reading Challenges 2015: What's in a Name?

Because I do quite as many challenges as I do (so many more this year, I may have gone off the deep end a bit), I like to discover ones that aren't all that big, which gives me the tremendous satisfaction of taking part in a challenge as well as the gratification of finishing it without it being a gruelling trial all year long.

When searching and discovering new challenges, the What's in a Name challenge, hosted by The Worm Hole, looked like a lot of fun. The challenge requires one or more books read from each of the various categories.

A word including "ing" in it (The Time of Singing, Dancing to the Flute, Lex Trent Fighting with Fire) - Verbs may be the easiest, but other words are allowed too

A colour (The Red Queen, White Truffles in Winter, On Gold Mountain)

A familial relation (Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Dombey and Son, My Cousin Rachel) By all means include in-laws, step and halves.

A Body of water (The River of No Return, Black Lake, Beside the Sea)

A City (Barcelona Shadows, Shanghai Girls, Under the Tripoli Sky)

An Animal (Black Swan Rising, The Leopard Unleashed, The Horse and His Boy)

  • Books can be any format (print, e-book, audio)
  • It's preferred that books don't overlap with other challenges, but not a requirement at all
  • Books cannot overlap categories (for instance, Black Swan Rising could be used for the category of "colour" OR "an animal", but not both
  • Creativity for matching the categories is not only allowed, it's encouraged!
  • You don't have to make your list beforehand, you can choose them as you go.
  • You don't have to read your chosen books in any particular order.

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