Saturday 17 January 2015

Reading Challenges 2015: TBR Pile 2015

As my TBR list keeps growing and growing at a speed faster than I doubt I can ever read, I pretty much HAVE to have some sort of TBR challenge among the many many that I take part in. This year, like last year, I will be participating in the 2015 TBR Pile challenge, hosted by Evie over on Bookish.

Any genre, length or format of book counts, including short stories and novellas, as long as the book has been sitting on your TBR shelf for some time. The book has to have been published in 2014 or earlier. No 2015 ARCs or newly released in 2015 books allowed. You have to post a review of your books.

Levels are as follows:

1-10 books: A Firm Handshake
11-20 books: A Friendly Hug
21-30 books: First Kiss
31-40 books: Sweet Summer Fling
41-50 books: Could This Be Love?
50+: Married with Children

Now, seeing as I was careful last year, and aimed low, but ended up with a completed list of 79 whole books off my TBR list (new record!), I'm going to try to aim ambitiously in 2015, going for the full 50+ books and my goal will be to complete Married with Children.

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