Sunday 18 January 2015

Reading Challenges 2015: New to You Reading Challenge

Much in the same vein as the previous challenge I posted about, the New to You Reading Challenge 2015, hosted by Herding Cats & Burning Soup is all about discovering new things. The challenge is really very flexible - discover something "new to you" and review it in 2015.

It can be a debut author.
It can be a brand new to you author.
An old favourites "debut" book
A new series
A first time reading a new genre (i.e. you read your first New Adult book)
Anything else new that crosses your path

Level 1 - 6 "New to You's"  
Level 2 - 12 "New to You's"  
Level 3 - 24 "New to You's"  
Level 4 - 36 "New to You's"  
Level 5 - 48 "New to You's"  
Level 6 - 72 "New to You's"  
Level 7 - 100+ "New to You's"  

I have decided to be a bit ambitious, especially since this challenge crosses over with several others, and will sign up for level 3 - 24 New to Me books/authors/genres in 2015. 

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