Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014 TBR Book Pile Reading Challenge

My TBR pile has grown at a terrifying rate during last year, much faster than I'm able to read the books on there. It's been especially bad in November and December, when "Best of the year" lists make me discover new books, authors or genres to add to the list. Hence this challenge is pretty much a must. Hosted by Evie on Bookish, this is is fairly similar to the TBR challenge I did last year, except here there's a chance to win prizes too.

- Any genre, length or format of books counts, as long as it's a book that's been sitting on your shelf for some time now. Short stories and novellas are ok, too! Only books released in 2013 and earlier! No 2014 ARCs or 2014 fresh of the presses releases allowed!
- You can list books in advance or just put them in a wrap-up post. If you list them, feel free to change them as the mood takes you.
- You can move up levels, but no moving down.

1-10: A firm handshake
11-20: A friendly hug
21-30: First Kiss
31-40: Sweet Summer Fling
41-50: Could this be love?
50+: Married with children

As I managed a staggering 60 books off my TBR list in 2013, I don't want to aim too low. But I'd rather start at a slightly lower level and upgrade throughout the year - hence I'm choosing "Sweet Summer Fling" - 31-40 books as my starting target. Let the climbing of my TBR pile begin!

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