Thursday, 2 January 2014

Book bingo challenge 2014

Anne and Kristilynn over on Reading in Winter are once again hosting a Bingo Reading Challenge. I (just barely) managed to cross out the full card in 2013, and this year's card seems to have a lot less focus on re-reading, and a bit more variety in the genres. So that will be fun.

The main goals for this year:
- Reading the books on one's TBR pile
- Re-reading some books
- Stepping outside our comfort zone in reading
- Reading some newly released books
- Reading some books from series started and then neglected

So there is some of the same stuff as last year, and some new stuff. This year, the free squares are just that - you can read whatever books you want, in whatever genre. No challenges from other participants required.

There are lots of ways to cross out one's bingo card. I will naturally be aiming to cross out the entire board, at least once. Last year, I only discovered this reading challenge in May, now I'm doing it from the very beginning. The only thing that will satisfy me is "the super reader", a complete blackout. As this challenge can easily be combined with several of the other ones I'm doing, I feel confident that I will do well.

Just like last year, books that are for one square are for that square only, and cannot be counted towards any other of the categories. This challenge is about reading ALL the books. Hence, to fill the full card, you have to have read 55 different books. Since last year's requirement was 73, I'm hopeful that this year's challenge will be perfectly doable.

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