Thursday, 2 January 2014

Monthly Key Word Challenge 2014

Kimberly Lynne over on Bookmark to Blog is yet again doing another Monthly Key Word Challenge. I thought this one was a lot of fun last year (especially because I could make a long list of potential titles), and will absolutely be taking part again this year. 

- The title you choose can be a variation of the key words. For example - your title could include the word 'snowing' or 'snowflake' even though the key word is 'snow'. 
- Key words can be tweaked. For example - you could read "Cinder" or "Ashes" for the key word 'Fire'. If the key word is 'family', then your title could include the word 'sister' or 'mother'. If the key word is 'food', then your title could include the word 'cake'. 

Monthly Key Words:
January: Angel, Secret, Clock, Black, Day, Wild
February: Her, Life, Night, Red, Dark, Island
March: Forever, Inside, Storm, Sky, Flower, Stay
April: Star, Light, Never, Princess, Break, Clear
May: Dawn, Death, End, Lost, Beautiful, And
June: Color, Beyond, Found, Place, Grave, Road
July: Crash, Ship, Prince, Whisper, Sun, Of
August: Forgotten, Down, True, Run, Danger, Me
September: Number, Take, Shadow, Ice, Who, After
October: Ocean, Blood, Still, Out, The, Fate
November: Into, Sound, Blue, House, My, Last
December: Kiss, Fire, Ruin, White, Promise, Infinity

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