Saturday, 4 January 2014

Reading Challenge Addict 2014

One last challenge, because I do have some sense of self awareness, and I am fully aware that I have a problem. I'm not alone, though, and several other ladies on the internet have started a support group of sorts, on their own website Reading Challenge Addict. Of course, what would be the fun if you didn't get some sort of recognition for your crazy challenge addictions? There are four levels, depending on how addicted you are:

  • Easy as Pie (1-5 challenges entered and completed)
  • On the Roof (6-10 challenges entered and completed)
  • In Flight (11-15 challenges entered and completed)
  • Out of this World (16+ reading challenges entered and completed)
The rules state that my starting post (this one) has to outline all my various challenges. Good thing I've already created a master document keeping track of them all.
  1. The Cannonball Read - be the first to read and review 52 books
  2. 2014 Reading Pile Challenge - initially signed up for Sweet Summer Fling (31-40 books)
  3. 2014 Historical Fiction Reading Challenge - going for Prehistoric level (50+ books)
  4. Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge - read one book starting with each letter of the alphabet
  5. Monthly Key Word Challenge - read at least one book a month with the relevant key word
  6. Monthly Motif Challenge - read at least a book a month with the relevant theme/motif
  7. Colour Coded Reading Challenge - read nine books fitting the various colour categories
  8. 2014 Book Bingo Challenge - aiming to fill the entire bingo card
  9. Meet the Protagonist - read eight books fitting the various categories
  10. What an Animal Reading Challenge - initially signed up for Level 2 (7-12 books)
  11. Lucky nr 14 - read at least one book for each of the fourteen categories
  12. Romance Reading Challenge - read at least five romances
  13. R.I.P IX - this one only runs in Sept-Oct, and has yet to be confirmed. Hoping it's still running
  14. Reading Challenge Addict - initially signed up for "In Flight". Who knows, I may find more challenges as the year progresses. 

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  1. I'm doing a 52 books challenge too! But not cannonball style! Too fast for me :) I'm blogging about it here will be great to follow your journey, hope you read along with mine too :)